South by Southwest 2005: Tina Dico at The Drink in Austin

Outside of the college radio circuit, most people in the U.S. who are aware of Tino Dico know her as a vocalist for ambient mood-makers Zero 7. But in her native Denmark, she’s known mainly as a solo artist, and an award-winning one at that.

During her Thursday (3/17) SXSW showcase at The Drink, Dico took her band through the paces of her solo work, tapping an energy that seems to probe the darker side of relationships and other topics.

Dico, fronting a four-man ensemble on acoustic guitar, can approach a vibe of soulfulness on upbeat songs, but has a tendency to take on a more generic singer-songwriter voice on her more decidely acountic numbers. An album, ostensibly culled from some of the material she’s currently showcasing in an Austin-Los Angeles-New York mini-tour, is tagged for a fall release in the U.K., with no U.S. date scheduled.

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