Runner & The Thermodynamics: “So Sorry”

Turn this one up. Great garage-band rock out of Boston. Thanks to CMJ and Pitchfork for pointing them out. I see a lot of editorial space comparing them to early Who and Thin Lizzy and James Gang, but am I the only one who hears some early KISS knocking around in there? “100,000 Years,” anyone?
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SXSW Friday Review: Joss Stone, The BoDeans, Trish Murphy

A buzz is building in America over the talents of this young girl from England, who stumbled into a music career after trying out for a talent show. Just shy of her 17th birthday, Stone possesses a preternaturally-seasoned voice of remarkable facility and expression, perfectly suited to the soul-flavored material on her debut album. Legend has it that her management team wisely issued early advances of the CD to radio programmers with no photo on the cover to keep non-pop programmers from drawing quick conclusions about what kind of music a cute, 16-year-old kid from the UK can make.
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