The Lonely Telecaster

Listening out loud while my guitar gently sleeps

South by Southwest 2005: Amos Lee at Austin Music Hall in Austin

Blue Note records drew snickers and jeers from jazz purists in 2002 when they took a chance on an artist named Norah Jones, who was surely not your father’s jazz crooner.

South by Southwest 2005: Kathleen Edwards at Carribean Lights in Austin

Kathleen Edwards is a name mentioned in seemingly every known music magazine in recent months, either anticipating or praising her March release, “Back To Me.”

South by Southwest 2005: Tina Dico at The Drink in Austin

Outside of the college radio circuit, most people in the U.S. who are aware of Tino Dico know her as a vocalist for ambient mood-makers Zero 7. But in her native Denmark, she’s known mainly as a solo artist, and an award-winning one at that.

South by Southwest 2005: Rachel Loy at Momo’s in Austin

Rachel Loy kicked off the St. Patrick’s Day festivities Thursday (3/17) at Momo’s, clad in green and starting the night with a great mix of smart, playful and very tuneful adult pop.

Tift Merritt at the Troubadour in West Hollywood

Grammy nominee Tift Merritt raised the roof at the venerable Troubadour nightclub on Friday night, making good on the promises that 2004’s “Tambourine” laid out for her.

Keren Ann update: new album

Brooklynvegan has a nice writeup on Keren Ann, for those needing an introduction. Worth noting that the “Not Going Anywhere” album she released in 2004–and that I liked quite a bit–is her first English-language release. She’s been out and about for awhile in her native France.

Top 40 Albums of 2004

It’s the annual ritual of music journalists everywhere: the end-of-year best list. My editor at asked for a top ten, but the stacks of CDs in the office were too tall to limit my personal list to just that.

Brian Setzer at the Universal Amphitheatre

Brian Setzer, in fine voice and slinging his trademark Gretch guitar, brought an old-time variety show vibe to the Universal Amphitheatre on Saturday night (12/18).

Jem at the El Rey Theatre

In her return to Los Angeles, Welsh singer-songwriter Jem brought the hits but lost some of the intimacy that made her earlier visit crackle with energy.

Bob Schneider / Aslyn at the Roxy

Working through a bout of allergy / sinus issues most of the day, I was on the fence about venturing into clubland to see Bob Schneider and opening act Aslyn. An invite from Aslyn’s publicist made the choice a lot easier – you don’t take comp tix for granted.

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