The Lonely Telecaster

Listening out loud while my guitar gently sleeps

One clearfix to rule them all

The concept of a clearfix didn’t really ring a bell for me until a couple of years into dedicated web work. It felt like a hack, maybe even a shortcut, and my instinct was that good old properly-syntaxed HTML and CSS would win the day. I didn’t know what I was really talking about. Today,…

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Balancing the height of divs without major CSS acrobatics

My day job is currently as a front-end developer, and a design requirement recently perplexed me for quite sometime before finding an almost¬†embarrassingly¬†simple solution that worked across all the browsers we’re targeting. Here’s the scenario: There’s a narrow div on the left with menu-like listings and a main div in the center. The left div…

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Fixing RSA Host Key Changes on a Mac

If you use an FTP or SSH client to access files on your host servers and somewhere along the way, you migrate a domain from one server to another one, you’ll become familiar with a warning message like this: Host Key Changed for If this is the first time you’ve seen this, it can…

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The Mother Of All Grateful Dead Archives

Via Online Music Blog: has a massive online collection of Grateful Dead live shows available to all just for the asking. The collection is said to be complete, but not being a Dead expert, I can’t confirm that. Now, if only they’d do this for Bruce Springsteen bootlegs.

Digital Singles Catch Up With Radio Release Dates

The New York Times reports that labels are getting back on the singles bandwagon. Over the past few months, labels have begun releasing singles for sale through download outlets like iTunes and Napster at the same time as they release them to radio stations.