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U2’s Tour Launch in San Diego

U2 launched their much-awaited 2005 tour Monday night (3/28), treating an adoring opening-night crowd to a set that comfortably straddled their 25-year recording career and still managed to include some surprises. When U2 released “How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” in November of 2004, tour plans became an immediate topic of discussion, with a year-long…

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Kathleen Edwards at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood

In an intimate Hollywood performance Tuesday (3/22), Kathleen Edwards brought her band through a rotation of strong roots-rock numbers, but ultimately made her biggest impact with her quieter songs. Taking the stage at the Knitting Factory, Edwards quietly eased into the disarming “Pink Emerson Radio,” a dream-like assessment of mementos and memories glimpsed in the…

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South by Southwest 2005: Ambulance LTD at Exodus in Austin

Ambulance LTD turned in a rousing set Saturday (3/19), filling the Exodus club space with a tightly-layered mix of vintage-breed melody twists and driving guitar arrangements.

South by Southwest 2005: Amos Lee at Austin Music Hall in Austin

Blue Note records drew snickers and jeers from jazz purists in 2002 when they took a chance on an artist named Norah Jones, who was surely not your father’s jazz crooner.

South by Southwest 2005: Kathleen Edwards at Carribean Lights in Austin

Kathleen Edwards is a name mentioned in seemingly every known music magazine in recent months, either anticipating or praising her March release, “Back To Me.”

South by Southwest 2005: Tina Dico at The Drink in Austin

Outside of the college radio circuit, most people in the U.S. who are aware of Tino Dico know her as a vocalist for ambient mood-makers Zero 7. But in her native Denmark, she’s known mainly as a solo artist, and an award-winning one at that.

South by Southwest 2005: Rachel Loy at Momo’s in Austin

Rachel Loy kicked off the St. Patrick’s Day festivities Thursday (3/17) at Momo’s, clad in green and starting the night with a great mix of smart, playful and very tuneful adult pop.