The Lonely Telecaster

Listening out loud while my guitar gently sleeps

Runner & The Thermodynamics: “So Sorry”

Turn this one up. Great garage-band rock out of Boston. Thanks to CMJ and Pitchfork for pointing them out. I see a lot of editorial space comparing them to early Who and Thin Lizzy and James Gang, but am I the only one who hears some early KISS knocking around in there? “100,000 Years,” anyone?

Joss Stone: “The Choking Kind”

There’s live review on this site of Joss Stone’s SXSW performance in March. I first heard her on NPR, probably late in 2003. I still hold to the belief that she’s got a very rare instrument in that incredible voice.

WordPress vs. MovableType

Anyone who recently visited may have noticed things look very different this week. I’ve re-vamped the site and moved to a new blogging system.

The Mother Of All Grateful Dead Archives

Via Online Music Blog: has a massive online collection of Grateful Dead live shows available to all just for the asking. The collection is said to be complete, but not being a Dead expert, I can’t confirm that. Now, if only they’d do this for Bruce Springsteen bootlegs.

Digital Singles Catch Up With Radio Release Dates

The New York Times reports that labels are getting back on the singles bandwagon. Over the past few months, labels have begun releasing singles for sale through download outlets like iTunes and Napster at the same time as they release them to radio stations.

Keith Fullerton Whitman: “Fib01a”

I’m not sure where I originally stumbled upon this, but I’m quite fascinated by it. Whitman is known in electronica circles by his alter-ego “Krvastki.”

Los Lobos: “The Ride”

Los Lobos’ latest produces a handful of gems, but ultimately feels mostly inspired and partly assembled.